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Message-ID: <>
Date: Mon, 08 Sep 2003 10:10:18 –0500
From: Douglas McKalip <>
Organization: Rex Service Company
Subject: Russound CAV6.6 that caught fire.


I have a Russound CAV6.6 and the unit caught fire four weeks ago last
Saturday. The flame continued after all wires were pulled out of the
unit and power was cut off. Flames came out of the cabinet (Things were
happening very fast and my primary concern was getting my family out of
the house) I think through the RCA jacks when what I think were
capacitor explosions and when I pulled the cables out. If my wife did
not discover this just seconds before she left the house, my son could
have been injured or killed and / or our house burned down. I was on the
second floor sleeping with the door closed. My son, who was not feeling
well and on medication was sleeping 25 feet away from the burning unit
in the basement. He did not wake up until my wife dragged him outside.

The smoke was pretty heavy in the basement and throughout the house. I
inhaled enough to get quite nauseated for many hours afterward. I had a
headache that lasted for two days. Our house smelled terrible for over a
week, even with the doors and windows open.

27 days after the fire, Russound has sent no one to investigate and they
are still questioning whether the CAV6.6 was even the cause of the fire.
Last week I decided to “go public” and start telling everyone I could
think of about the incident. Starting with a distributor of the unit,
they responded:

“- The CAV has features and benefits not found in other systems, it is
why it has been selling very well.  We have investigated the CAV issue
and have not heard any complaints from users.  In fact, there has only
been one return. It was for a keypad that was incorrectly wired.  We
also verified the unit is FCC, CE and ETL listed so I still stand behind
the CAV and Russound as your best option.”

It took a week to get sorted out with ETL that they are in fact not the
listing or testing body (forgive me the ignorance of the semantics here)
but TUV Rheinland.

So my question is, where does TUV fit in the testing of these units? Has
Russound notified you of my fire? and Do you have any interest in what

I have attached a couple pictures of my CAV6.6 and you can see the
charred and melted RCA jacks. If you have any question, want to see the
unit or installation, or anything else, feel free to call or email. The
little boy in the picture was the one sleeping in the room with the CAV.

Thank You,

Doug Mckalip

Douglas McKalip

Rex Service Company
Chicagoland’s Premier Service Company
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